Don’t forget yourself!

Write down the five things that are most important to you in the whole world. I’ll wait a moment while you do that….

If you are anything like me, your list may include values like independence or peace; it may consist of goals or aspirations, or people like your family or friends.

But tell me, are YOU on that list?

If you aren’t, how do you rank yourself in your priorities? Do you feel like it’s selfish to dedicate time and energy to loving yourself?

What if you made a gratitude list? If you had to rank the top 5 things you are grateful for, its possible you would be gauging the weight of options like health and career, but you might not even think of putting yourself in the running.  So the first step toward loving yourself is to be aware of yourself. Begin to appreciate who you are and what value you have in the world.

In its simplest terms, practicing self-love is asking yourself, “What do I need?” and giving yourself just that.  It’s important to understand when you need to take the time to rest. It’s also important to see when you are ready for something more.  If you know who you are, and what gives you a sense of fulfillment, what you may need is to make time for those more significant things. It can take a lot of effort to clear away the clutter.

For example, I’ve found that publishing my writing gives me a great sense of fulfillment. However, I still struggle to make the time to write.  Aside from the usual distractions like Instagram and Facebook, I manage to do a lot of things that don’t add value long term. Self-care rituals like doing my fingernails, or having a long bath are lovely, but I tend to use them to procrastinate on doing things that will actually create a lot more joy in my life.  When I publish something, I feel enormous surges of positive energy that I don’t get from looking at freshly painted nails or plucked eyebrows. What are the things in your life that give you a real sense of purpose and fulfillment?

Of course, everyone is different, and we also evolve as human beings throughout our lives, so we have to continuously check in with ourselves to know where we are on our journey.

This month, I’m committing to 28 days of self-love. I plan to put myself first, and sincerely ask myself what I need and give myself that.  I will take care of my mind, body, and soul.  I’m no expert, and it will be a journey, so I’d love to hear your suggestions or stories of how you express love to yourself!

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