Of course there are millions of resources out there for people with narcolepsy.  After being diagnosed it can be overwhelming to try to understand.  Remember that each experience is different and how you react to yours is more important than what the doctors are telling you.  Here are some resources that can help you understand more:

Stanford Center for Narcolepsy

US National Library of Medicine

Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center

Narcolepsy Fact Sheet 

Narcolepsy Network 

Social media is also full of resources.  There are other blogs with information to help you out! If you are doubting my claims about the ketogenic diet (keto), please check out this one! While I didn’t find it until after I was on the keto journey, it has inspired me to share my story and try to do all I can to help others along the way:

The Madcap Miss Adventures of a Narcoleptic

Maria Mind Body  is full of tips for ketogenic diets, stories about how keto changes lives, and lots of recipes!

Reddit for Keto has a guide as well as lots of tips and recipes to help make keto understandable and easier to manage.

Guide to Fats and Oils from KetoDiet Blog

There are various groups on Facebook that I have found helpful over the years. However, I have to add the disclaimer that they are filled with lots of negative stories and people who have had a very difficult time with their health.  If you can filter, and choose to be positive I think these resources can be useful. However if you know you are a person who gets bogged down with bad news, please don’t delve into these posts.  For this reason I am not going to post them here. Positive thinking is a powerful tool, so try to think of things you CAN do not the things you can’t.

I have also taken some courses online related to mindfulness and positive psychology.  These are free courses, and generally can be done at your own pace. Some of the techniques that I will suggest in my posts are from these courses:

The Science of Happiness Course on

De-Mystifying Mindfulness on

I recognize neither of these courses are made for PWNs however I feel I benefited greatly by taking them.