Light Language Art

I made this page because over and over again when I tell people I make “energy art” they are asking me, “What is that?”

I get it, two years ago I hadn’t heard of it either. In fact, I kind of believed I was inventing it. But now I know a little bit more about Light Language Art and I am here to share it with you.

Light Language Post Card Art

Over the past year, creating light language art has become a passion of mine. I spend a decent amount of time creating art of all kinds. Sometimes I find myself just doodling on the edges of pages, and other times I intentionally set out to create a piece with a specific intention.

But what is Light Language?

The Language of Light, or Light language, is an ancient and futuristic form of communication that bypasses the logical mind and speaks directly to the soul or energy level.  

Light Language Art for the Collective

Light Language can be used as an energetic healing modality. The energy of light and sound heal. It is based on the belief that we are all energy bodies, and we are connected.

Light Language can help us to connect with our higher selves, our guides, and even entities that are in other dimensions or planes of existence.

It is a powerful tool that can be used for healing, self-love, and self-expression.

If you are interested in learning more about Light Language Art, keep reading!

How is Light Language Expressed?

Light language can be expressed in many different ways that are experienced by the senses. I am most drawn to Light Language Art and writing. Though light language may also be expressed through movement, music, the voice, and other sounds.

Please be aware that each individual can express light language in their own way and may have their own interpretation of it. Even the information I am sharing on this page is simply my perspective, my interpretation of my reality. It may change at any time since we are always evolving, so as you read, feel into what resonates for you. Take what feels true for you and leave what does not.

Where does light language come from? 

From my understanding, when light language is channeled, it comes from a source of energy. That source may be other light beings, ascended masters, angels, dragons, one’s higher self, or a divinity, just to name a few. 

Example of a Healing Intention in Light Langauge Art

The channeler, me in this case, sets a clear intention and acts as a vessel for the transmission to pass through.   The receiver of the transmission (you) is (are) the healer. When you receive a light language transmission with your intention, healing takes place within you, for your highest good. The energy speaks to your higher self, and you act as your own healer.

It’s okay if this doesn’t make sense to you on a logical level, it is meant to bypass that part of your thinking.  What you feel is more important.

How do I know what Light Language Art is for me?

Allow your heart to lead the way. This is not about being logical. You may feel drawn to different expressions of light language. It may be simple drawings with just one light code that fascinate you. You may like complicated intricate designs in black and white. Or maybe the full-color expressions pull you in. Maybe there is no pattern to what’s intriguing for you! Trust yourself and your intuition!

Some people may enjoy the audio format rather than the visual, there is nothing wrong with that.  Seek out light language that draws you in, your higher self is guiding you by expressing your interest.  

Pleasure Light Code on T-Shirts

Is light language for everyone? 

If you feel drawn to light language, it may be for you at this time!

But there are some things you should know. First of all, receiving light language transmissions is not always comfortable.  Sometimes in the healing process, we come up against resistance, and moving past it is not easy.  Remember that your guides and your higher self would never allow you to go somewhere that you are not ready to go.  Trusting yourself and the journey is important.  

Make sure you have sufficient support systems in place as you go through your healing journey.  Find a supportive community or a close confidant you can talk to. Working with a therapist or coach can also be helpful.  

Stay in alignment with your higher self. We all have to be aware of our own traumas. If you have recent trauma, you may want to work with a professional therapist or mental health professional. For those traumas that are older or feel scabbed over, be gentle with yourself. Never push farther than you feel ready for. Remember that you are your number one priority and you are worthy of your own love and affection.  Take care of yourself first. 

Example of Light Language Art on Etsy

Can I channel light language? 

If you want to create your own light language, know that it is 100% possible. Light language is available to everyone, and if you remain open you will experience it when the time is right for you.  Reach out if you want to discuss how you can be ready for your light language activation.  

Light language can be hard to explain, but it is a language of energy. Light language may not make sense to the logic centers of the brain. It speaks directly to your being and the body at the subatomic/DNA level. This means that it is able to affect profound change in your life experience, particularly when combined with intentions.

Light language is also an audible experience, with sounds and vibrations. You can type it into youtube, or try listening to my most recent transmission below:

How can I access more Light Language Art? 

If you are interested in light language art, I have an Etsy page where I offer digital downloads as well as personalized art. You can also find products printed with light language art I have created on my Redbubble page.

Instagram is a great place to find artists as well. You can follow me here.

Youtube is another great place to find light language! Check out my playlist of light language meditations that feature art as well.

You can find many different ways to get in touch with me but to see all of them in one place, click here.

If you want to speak about light language or your spiritual journey, please reach out. I love connecting with other multidimensional beings and often host groups for us all to meet each other! 

Examples of Light Language Art

Here are some examples of the light language art I have created. In order to experience them, you can follow your own intuition. See if you are guided to a certain one. Relax your eyes and your mind and allow yourself to feel any shifts or intuitive messages that come to you from the energy encoded in the symbols and colors on the page.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for something specific so I can create it for you! Light language artwork is encoded with energy and can be really useful for shifting the energy in a space or even in yourself.