My Spiritual Awakening Story

I was sitting cross-legged in my childhood bedroom with my eyes closed. Sarah Small’s voice guided me into a meditative state from her IG live.  As she instructed us to allow our breath to release in a loud sigh, I heard a strange whisper emanate from my own mouth. “Aaaay a watana, eh oowawata na.”

Strange, I tried to bring my focus back to my breath, but on the next exhale, the sound was even louder, “oohay anaash sheeee quamala seta ana.”

My eyes popped open, completely leaving the meditative state to look around me. But no one was there. My heart was racing. I had no idea this was the start of my spiritual awakening story.

I closed my eyes again and the voice began coming from my mouth in an endless stream. As I felt myself sinking into the moment, a warm fuzzy vibration spread throughout my entire body. My shoulders relaxed and my heart expanded. I could feel myself opening up like a flower from the inside.

And then suddenly it stopped. The meditation was over, and I was staring at my wall, willing it to give way to show me a spirit or something that might have been inhabiting my body and making it create those strange sounds. 

What was Happening to me?

My mind went back to the closest thing I had experienced. When I was studying abroad in Ghana, I had done my research project on Pentacostalism.  The sounds I had made reminded me of those who spoke in tongues during the church services. Was I speaking in tongues? And what did I believe about that?

At that time in 2020, I had very little understanding of my own spirituality.  I knew I didn’t need to follow an organized religion to be spiritual, but I didn’t feel connected to any certain theory or worldview.  I was in a strange transition point as I had ended up newlywed, in my parents’ house due to the Covid pandemic, and evacuating from Myanmar.

I had no idea that this experience during a normal meditation session was going to be a new beginning for me. 

Speaking Light Language

Over the next weeks, I let out these strange sounds every time I got myself into meditation.  I began to accept it because the feeling that settled into my body while it was happening was so relaxed and perhaps even loving. There was something so familiar about the words I was speaking, and I was sure I had heard them somewhere before but I couldn’t put my finger on where they came from.

One day I was typing word after word into the google search box, trying to find something that connected to what I was experiencing.  I was desperate to find someone, anyone else that could relate to this or else I was worried I would go insane.  My nose was inches from the screen when at last I saw what I was looking for. I was instantly drawn to a video on youtube, and when I listened to it, the connection was incredible. It felt like my soul was singing.

I used the caption from that video to begin my search, going down the rabbit hole of all kinds of different theories and beliefs about what these sounds and symbols are and what they mean. I finally had a name for the amazing energy that was moving through me, Light Language. 

Image by kaylamdouglas on Redbubble

Channeling Light Language

Soon, I realized that the artwork I have been creating since I was a child was encoded with symbols that are also considered to be light language. I began to learn more and more about the planet’s transition from 3-D to 5-D and what I might be doing here as a soul that is from another galaxy that operates in a different dimension. 

Throughout the whole process, my beliefs about who I am as a person were challenged, as well as my beliefs about the world around me.  It was a slow integration to accept this as a part of who I am and to allow all that I was reading to be filtered through my current beliefs, so I could selectively choose bits of the story that might serve me to integrate into my belief system. 

Deepening my Spiritual Awakening Story

Over a few months, I began to look for others like me to connect with. I found a community online of people who get together to meditate and even do grid work on the planet. I realized that I was meeting my soul family for the first time.  When I talked to these people, they understood what it was like to travel all over the Earth and never feel like you had found a home.  Some of them also had experiences of chronic illnesses that may be caused by being in a density that we don’t know how to navigate. 

Image from kaylamdouglas on Redbubble

Many parts of my childhood have started to fall into place as I learn more and more about the spiritual world.  When I was a child, I had many experiences with strange creatures when I was asleep.  Now I know I am able to astral project or move my soul to a different dimension when I am asleep.  As a child, I was doing this naturally and letting those beings into my reality without realizing it. 

I also saw ghosts or spirits when I was young, and even up until I was in college. If I’m being honest, I never allowed myself to think about it too much. So I never had to decide if I fully accepted it as a gift, or if I just believed I was a little bit crazy. 

Another thing that fell into place is my realization that my connection with water and nature is not a coincidence, but rather a common feeling for those who believe in the collective consciousness. Since everything is made of energy, and energy is consciousness, that means even the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, are made of the same material that we are made of as humans.  We are all one.

Recognizing Collective Conciousness

Now that I accept that my soul is an infinite fractal of source energy and that everyone else’s souls are as well, I feel much more connected to the people here on Earth.

As I question who I am and why I am here on Earth at this important transition point, I am becoming more and more in tune with my heart, or my intuition. I find I am constantly being guided to the people and places that are meant to be on my path as I just give up the resistance to what is. I see beautiful synchronicities abound in my day-to-day life as I allow myself to open to the possibility that my thoughts create my reality.  

Being a life coach is one of the pieces of the puzzle that I actually formed before I realized what I was doing, or what my purpose is. It offers me many of the tools that I need to do what I believe I am here to do. 

When I think of the hard times I have endured in the past, growing up with a chronic illness and feeling depressed to the point of trying to end my own life, I can now see the lessons I needed to learn at those times.  I am truly grateful that I have this new perspective and that I experienced this rude awakening to what life on Earth really is for me. I have a long way to go in my spiritual awakening story. There is so much out there to learn and experience.

I am sharing my story so you may also realize that you are a part of a greater whole and have a purpose, too. You are me, and I am you.  

2 thoughts on “My Spiritual Awakening Story

  • Ruth Garcia Orozco

    My beautiful Khayla

    I just read your story which I mostly new because we just talked about it last Tuesday and I realized that you posted it on February 21st, just the day after I joined MV. What a…. Coincidence? Thank you for sharing your inspiring experience, I now have greater confidence in my process and I don’t feel alone anymore. You have been a present in my life, and I thank you for been there for me. We are one! Love. Ruth

    • Aw, I am so grateful to have met you as well, Ruth! And I am looking forward to getting to know you better very soon! I love the synchronicity of the timing! We are definitely one! <3

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