What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a new and innovative approach to reaching your full potential and achieving your goals. We will focus on what you want to DO in life, but even more on who you want to BE in life.

Many see going through a life coaching program as similar to seeing a therapist, but there are some significant differences.  Life Coaching is designed to focus on one “problem” at a time.  In my practice, I assume that you already have everything you need to succeed inside of you.  You need some help, or coaching, to bring out the best in you and shine.

Just like a running coach guides a runner to the finish line, I will guide you toward your desired outcome, whatever that may be.  Not sure what you want? That’s okay and very common.  We will go through exercises and activities to determine who you are at your core, who you want to be, and what actions you can take to bridge the gap between your current state and your desired state.



Diet for Narcolepsy – With a secret ingredient
Diet for Narcolepsy – With a secret ingredient
August 4, 2021
I've talked plenty about using diet for narcolepsy, and specifically the keto diet. But recently I realized I have been missing the whole point! (more…)
Being Vulnerable with Narcolepsy Works
Being Vulnerable with Narcolepsy Works
June 21, 2021
It's hard not to look at being vulnerable as a bad thing, but today I'm here to tell you that being vulnerable with narcolepsy works wonders. I have gained so much by daring to be vulnerab...
How to Grow in a Pandemic
How to Grow in a Pandemic
May 21, 2021
From the beginning people were talking about ways to grow in a pandemic. They suggested learning a language, picking up that hobby you never make time for, and lots of other ways to distra...
Is Keto the Best Narcolepsy Diet?
Is Keto the Best Narcolepsy Diet?
April 21, 2021
There is no perfect diet for narcolepsy, just like there is no perfect pill for it. But food is an important part of my narcolepsy symptom management. So how you can find out what is the be...
How to Accept a Chronic Diagnosis
How to Accept a Chronic Diagnosis
April 12, 2021
I see it over and over again. We fight to get a diagnosis from a doctor and then we have no idea how to accept the diagnosis. We wanted validation that what we were experiencing was real. ...
How to Treat Migraine Naturally
How to Treat Migraine Naturally
March 21, 2021
Quick Tips for Migraine Management I'm going to assume if you are here right now, you might be in some stage of a migraine so I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible! Ple...

Life is about more than work

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