What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a new and innovative approach to reaching your full potential and achieving your goals. We will focus on what you want to DO in life, but even more on who you want to BE in life.

Many see going through a life coaching program as similar to seeing a therapist, but there are some significant differences.  Life Coaching is designed to focus on one “problem” at a time.  In my practice, I assume that you already have everything you need to succeed inside of you.  You need some help, or coaching, to bring out the best in you and shine.

Just like a running coach guides a runner to the finish line, I will guide you toward your desired outcome, whatever that may be.  Not sure what you want? That’s okay and very common.  We will go through exercises and activities to determine who you are at your core, who you want to be, and what actions you can take to bridge the gap between your current state and your desired state.



On Being Unf***withable
On Being Unf***withable
January 27, 2020
I am consistently hearing people talk about being fuckwithable. Sure, they don't use that word, but they say things like, "You make me so mad! " or "This makes me feel sad. or "I know he is...
Identifying Negative Self-Talk
Identifying Negative Self-Talk
January 13, 2020
I used to have trouble deciphering what "negative self-talk" meant and how to determine what was constructive and what was not. In the beginning, I only pulled out the really major negativ...
How Do I Cope with World Events?
January 8, 2020
My heart is beating in my gut, the breakfast I just finished feels heavy and I feel like I am going to be sick.  I was just informed that it's likely the US is entering into war again.
Protecting My Energy
Protecting My Energy
December 31, 2019
Learning to empower instead of enabling The phone rings, and I feel obligated to answer. Cindy, a new acquaintance, is hysterical on the other end. I drop everything I’m doing to rush to
Are you authentic?
Are you authentic?
December 23, 2019
And what does it mean? “Who are you?” I was asked that question in an interview on Monday. I fumbled a lot because I have this definition of WHO I am, but I didn’t feel like it was the a
Five Ways to Respond to Rude Comments
Five Ways to Respond to Rude Comments
December 13, 2019
No one can reject you without your permission We all want to be more connected; genetically we are programmed to seek connection because in our more primitive forms we needed our tribe o...

Life is about more than work

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