About me

I am a creative, caring, loving, and growing individual.  I am passionate about art, culture, education, and adventure.  I teach online to some incredible students and I wake up every morning at 7 o’clock ready to take on the day! Oh yeah, and I have narcolepsy.  I was diagnosed when I was about 13 years old although I had symptoms much younger. If you are interested in my personal story, you can read more here.

I grew up near Lafayette, Indiana out in the countryside surrounded by corn, beans, trees, and siblings.  Always sneaking off to take naps or read books about faraway places,  my travel addiction must have come from those pages. However, I never expected to create my own natural narcolepsy treatment by following my dreams!

What can I offer as narcolepsy coach?

I’m here to offer you one on one narcolepsy coaching to help you manage your chronic illness.  Because doctors only offer medical narcolepsy treatment, I specialize in helping you look inside to find new and innovative ways to improve your life with narcolepsy.

Maybe some of those things will be small adjustments you can make your daily routine, but many of those you will figure out on your own. In fact, you can read about some here.  These are a great start, but I want to help you to consider much bigger changes might serve you.

What changes are those?

As your narcolepsy coach, I cannot tell you that, but I want to help you find them within yourself.  Maybe they will be simple ways you can shift your mindset, or maybe they will be a complete rehaul of how you are working, studying, or going about life.

What changes have I made?

In my case, I changed everything to accommodate my symptoms.  I first moved to the south of Spain, with a wonderful relaxed culture where my naps fit right in. I worked as an English teaching assistant in public schools for just 12 hours a week and even had great health insurance.  There were often long weekends and holidays where I could travel around Europe. It was a dream come true in many ways.

However, later, I realized my goals and aspirations didn’t exactly fit the lifestyle I was living. I started working online so I could move around even more.  I crave adventure and new experiences, so staying in one place a long time doesn’t fulfill my desires. In order to have this lifestyle, I also wanted to stop taking medication. So I found other tools that allow me to thrive without trips to the doctor or pharmacy.

I have been following a ketogenic diet (mostly) for going on 5 years now.  However, I don’t believe it is for everyone so I won’t push you to try any specific option.

Why narcolepsy coaching?

I love my online job and enjoy being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want.  More recently, I have been feeling like I am not giving back enough to the narcolepsy community.  That is where my idea for narcolepsy coaching began.

I have spent tons of my spare time studying different therapies to improve my own quality of life.  First I became Reiki certified, then moved on to the Emotional Freedom Technique.  Next, I became interested in Mindfulness, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Life Coaching. As I learned, I applied the concepts I learned to my own life and found myself growing and feeling more and more peace and joy in my life.  I still have narcolepsy, but it doesn’t define me like it used to.

I am a life-long learner and will never stop studying.  Now I am working toward a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis.  I started to wonder how I could use all the skills I have acquired to help other people with narcolepsy instead of just benefitting from them all myself.  I know that not everyone has the time or the desire to study so much, so my idea is to figure out how to share all that I have learned with you.  That led me to the idea of narcolepsy coaching.

If I could just make a simple one-page guide and package it up for you to download, I would.  The problem is everyone is different. Everyone has different dreams, so it’s important to look inside and find out what they are. Then take the necessary steps toward achieving them.  There is no one “how-to” guide that will get us all where we want to be.  But I do believe it is possible for all of us to continue to improve the quality of our lives, the same way someone without narcolepsy would do.  Life is more enjoyable when we feel progress.

Life With Narcolepsy

No matter what obstacle you see in your way, there is a way around it. For years I let my health hold me back, but since I let go of my limiting beliefs, I am unstoppable. While I am “the expert” on my life, I want to help you become “the expert” on yours.

Relationships are an important part of everyone’s life. Often with narcolepsy, we become isolated. We don’t know how to relate to others when they cannot understand our experience with narcolepsy.  There are tools we can learn to help us navigate this area more effectively.

We may not look as sick or as sleepy as we feel sometimes but our health matters. In my case, I’ve found ways to manage narcolepsy without trips to the doctor or expensive medications. Narcolepsy treatment is not about buying some magic product, it’s about finding what works for you! So, I’m here to support you on this journey.

Are you interested in finding a way to improve your symptoms of narcolepsy by adjusting your lifestyle?  Fill out the contact form below for an opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute online session!


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