About Me

I am a creative, caring, loving, and growing individual. I am passionate about art, culture, education, and adventure. I wake up every morning at 7 o’clock, ready to take on the day!  I never expected to become a life coach and create the life of my dreams!

Kayla Douglas sitting on a bench in a park

I have overcome so many obstacles to find my path. As a child, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy quite young and became depressed and hopeless about life. I began engaging in self-harm and other addictive behaviors at a young age. I was anxious and stressed, so I slowly retreated from my social life.  Before completing high school, I attempted suicide and derailed my life completely, becoming alienated from my family and any remaining friends.

Changing my mindset was the hardest thing I ever did. It was a way to find happiness and achieve my dreams. In the past five years, I have learned so much about what it takes to overcome a challenging past, eliminate anxiety, and thrive. I have visited more than 30 countries and am currently living in Myanmar. I created an online career so I can move freely and nap frequently.

What can I offer as a life coach?

I’m here to offer you one on one life coaching to help you identify the obstacle in your life and overcome it. My biggest obstacle was my chronic illness, and the challenges I had created around it over the years but yours may be different. I specialize in helping you look inside to find new and innovative ways to improve your life.

Maybe they will be simple ways you can shift your mindset, or perhaps a rehaul of how you are working, studying, or going about life.Kayla M Douglas on a beach in tanzania

What changes have I made?

In my case, I changed a lot over the years to accommodate my chronic illness. I first moved to the south of Spain, with a relaxed culture where my naps fit right in. I worked as an English teaching assistant in public schools for just 12 hours a week and even had excellent health insurance. There were often long weekends and holidays where I could travel around Europe. It was a dream come true in many ways.

However, later, I realized my goals and aspirations didn’t fit the lifestyle I was living. I started working online so I could move around even more. I crave adventure and new experiences, so staying in one place a long time doesn’t fulfill my desires. I also wanted to stop taking medication. So I found other tools that allow me to thrive without trips to the doctor or pharmacy.

Let’s Talk

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