My Writing

empty notebook with a pencil sharpened for writing

It’s so important to have a passion in life. Writing has been a passion for me for a long time. I’ve always wanted to write books so, in 2019, I decided I would complete one.
In addition to writing a book, I wanted to work on improving my writing skills and building up my writing online.
Here are some things I write about.

Meeting a Princess Python
The Nagar Glass Factory
Misjudging a Man
Striking A Balance
We Met on a Plane

A Funeral for My Former Self
Saved By a Ghost
I’m Not an Alcoholic
No One Taught Me
Why I Chose Life
What to do after being groped
My Words Are Not Your Weapons
On Taking Action Even When I’m Afraid
I Wrote A Novel
I Got a Daith Piercing for Migraine
Contemplating Parenthood
Accepting the Changes in My Sexual Identity

We Are People First
You’re Welcome
I’m Not a Girl

Five Ways to Respond to Rude Comments
What is a Life Coach?
Where Does Your Time Go?
Thank you for Reading This
Types of Relaxation Techniques
Protecting My Energy
Can I Trust Myself to be Healthy?
One Self-Hypnosis Technique to Manage Emotions
Set Your 3-Month Goals Now
Accepting Death
I Heard You Say
Mindfulness is More than Meditation
How the 6 Phase Meditation Has Changed My Life

Letter to a Friend From a Person With Narcolepsy
How Lucid Dreaming Helps Me Cope With Chronic Illness
I Don’t Want to Be An Advocate
Scared of the Dark: The Narcolepsy Symptoms that Nobody Talks About
Research and Reality in My Life with Narcolepsy
Growing Up with Narcolepsy
5 Things I Needed to Hear from Other People with Narcolepsy


Be The Sun
Falling Asleep
Controlled by Guilt
Ode to a Ford
Damned to Earth
peaceful delirium
I Am Unloveable


Living Between Dreams e-Book
Living Between Dreams Excerpt