Narcolepsy After Covid- A Happy Ending

I have seen multiple people asking what people’s Narcolepsy has been like after having the Covid-19 virus. So I want to share my own experience of what narcolepsy after covid has been like for me. I recognize that everyone’s experience is different, and I by no means intend to take away from anyone else’s experience with the virus. But for me, the story has a happy ending.

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A Bit of Narcolepsy Background

I have had narcolepsy since I was a young child, and it was quite severe for many, many years. If you have been following this blog, you may already know that I have found many creative and innovative ways to manage narcolepsy since then and live a relatively normal life in regard to my health these days.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t afraid when the Covid-19 pandemic first started. All we knew, in the beginning, was that it affected people with pre-existing conditions more than people without them. For a bit, that felt scary. But I believe that we create our reality with our own thoughts and beliefs. I didn’t let the thoughts that covid would be dangerous for me to linger long. Within a few days, I had shifted my belief to my prior knowledge that my immune system can handle anything life throws at it.

Getting Covid

So when someone I was living with tested positive for covid, I wasn’t afraid. I accepted the fact that I was likely also going to get it. We were all in India at the time, and there were four of us in a two-bedroom apartment. The next day, the second person was sick, then the third, and finally on the fourth day, it was my turn. I was lucky to have the least severe case, I believe due to my healthy mindset, as well as my very healthy lifestyle.

Covid Symptoms I Experienced

I was lucky to only experience a headache and some fever when I had covid. The people I was living with had a wide range of symptoms. Only one person had a cough, and luckily no one had any trouble breathing. Everyone had a fever and extra fatigue. Two lost their sense of taste or smell for at least a few days. But everyone was amazed by how quickly I bounced back. I was back to my routine in 2 days. While I could have believed that since I have narcolepsy, I would be the most tired of them all, I chose to believe the opposite.

What is Narcolepsy like after Covid?

In my case, everything went back to normal quickly after having Covid. I did not feel extra tired or have any additional trouble afterward. I didn’t expect it to despite knowing about research that says H1N1 virus for example is known to create

Why am I Sharing This?

My motivation for publishing this is more about adding a positive story to the pool of available stories to read. A lot of other people probably have stories like mine, but they are not dramatic or tragic so it doesn’t always feel like its worth writing about. But if someone goes to the internet and only finds horror stories about narcolepsy after covid, it will be hard for them to believe you can actually be okay. This is my contribution to the balance of Yin and Yang.

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