Keto Bread!

Day 3 of Intermittent Fasting and although I can’t say I have any additional mental clarity it does seem to make the mornings easier. I don’t feel pressured to cook breakfast and of course there is no clean up then either. Cooking tired is always a drag anyway and generally I am unimaginative and eat fried eggs over and over again.IMG_20180425_133303

I have to say I’m feeling pretty excited about my discovery yesterday! I have done some quick googling but it doesn’t seem like this is one of those commonly known keto things that I have just been missing out on. It is the easiest, quickest to make “keto bread” I have ever had.  It is gluten free, and can also easily be made dairy free! I loved it! I’m interested to hear others’ opinions.

Since then I have read up more on tofu.  It seems it is a good source of protein, as well as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B1.  Since I am currently in Myanmar, it is much easier to come by than most dairy products that I would usually use to make a bread substitute.

There is lots of controversial information about the health benefits and risks of eating tofu. But of course, every body is different so I think it’s important for you to decide for yourself how soy products make you feel.

Since I do not even understand the letters on the labels of the tofu I am buying, I just look for a short ingredient list. Of course, I understand the risks there but so far I have been okay! If you are really ambitious, you can actually make your own tofu. However, I am more of a quick and easy advocate, so I am not going to test it out for you. Sorry.

So here is what happened. The other day while frying tofu to put in my Thai Soup I got a little distracted and completely dried it out leaving it chewy and firm enough to pick up and eat like chips. I dipped it in my soup and was quite satisfied although it wasn’t the plan when I started.

So yesterday I used the same tofu that I had already dried overnight to get the water out. I cut it across the top making 4 big thin squares instead of cubes or slices and then fried them in ghee to make my bread substitute. I have been craving a sandwich so I smeared cream cheese on these, and put a fried egg inside and I was in heaven.

I should have taken more pictures or at least added some vegetables but I was too excited and hungry after 17 hours fasting to pause and add more goodies. I’m sure there will be a next time soon though!

Here is the recipe!

Keto Bread

1 package firm tofu, drained well

Oil for frying

Drain and press the tofu, wrap it in paper towel, and set something heavy on it in the fridge. I left this overnight. Slice into large thin squares. Heat your oil in a nonstick pan, and throw the slices in to be fried! Be patient and wait for it to get crispy. Add any seasonings you want or leave it alone.

Nutrition Information: 

From my understanding 100 grams of tofu contains 1.5g carbs, 3.5g fat, and 8.2g of protein so you can calculate your macros based on the quantity of tofu you use.

I understand that the draining part does take a bit of foresight but it only takes a second so if you know you want a breakfast sandwich in the morning, do it before bed. I look forward to experimenting more with this discovery and hearing if you do too! Let me know what alterations you make for a better experience!

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