What to Do When You Wake Up Tired

No matter how fantastic your health regimen might be, sometimes you will be wondering what to do when you wake up tired. Let’s start with quick and easy physical things you can do when you start out your day. If you are waking up tired on a regular basis, here are some tips on how to get started addressing some of the root causes of fatigue (especially if it is due to narcolepsy, but even if it is not).

Drink water

You have been asleep for some time and probably weren’t drinking much, so drink a liter of water. Your body needs it to function properly.


This will be different for everyone, but if you are a runner, go for a run! If you are a walker, try a brisk walk! You may want to dance or exercise in some way. But the key is to move your body, and wake it up! I like Qi Gong or light yoga stretches when walking doesn’t feel like the most loving choice.


Grounding in the morning is super important when you wake up tired. Many of us disconnect from our physical bodies when we sleep. When we wake up and struggle to get out of bed, we can feel really out of the body, like our energy is flowing around and not actually filling up our physical body. Grounding is important to get your energy body connected to your meat suit! You can use a meditation, or even an intentional shower, walking barefoot outdoors, whatever grounding method resonates most for you.

Absorb some Sunlight

Getting sunlight first thing in the morning helps our body’s internal clock realize that it’s time to be awake. You may pair this with the movement already mentioned above or perhaps it’s just stepping out on your lawn or balcony while you drink your water in the morning. Opening the curtains in the house and letting as much light in as possible while you get ready can also help. If you find this one is super important for you, In the months where there is no sun when you wake up, you can try artificial lights.

a photo of green space with sunlight for when you wake up tired

Get Excited

Think about the day ahead and find something to get excited about! Use that emotion to fuel your energy

Schedule your Recharge Time

Knowing how long it is until I have time to recharge always helps me to stay present with what I am doing. If I know that I have a break in meetings from 11 to 12, I will put recharge time on my calendar in that space. Recharging may look different for different people or even for a single person on different days. Maybe its a nap, a meditation, a snack, a shower, whatever resonates for you is perfect!

Prioritize When you Wake up Tired

Perhaps when you go to schedule recharge time, you find you don’t have any. Well then its time to prioritize. Is there anything on the calendar that doesn’t absolutely have to get done today? Where can you make space for yourself? What items could be done more efficiently when you are well rested? Put yourself first and prioritize your day so you can be at your best.

Eat for Energy

If you know your body well, consider what gives you the most energy and eat that. If you aren’t sure, my recommendation is try try a breakfast high in protein. Many of us eat carbs or sugar for breakfast and experience a crash later. If you are already tired, that crash can be quite difficult.

My go to breakfast foods are also high in fat since I eat mostly low carb. I go for greek yogurt, cheese, eggs with cheese, nuts, etc if I am going to eat breakfast at all.

If you are into fasting, eating for energy may mean skipping eating! Its all up to your preferences and what works for you. You know your body best. I often fast when I am low on energy to avoid causing a crash from food.

Use Essential Oils

A little peppermint oil goes a long way! I am sure there are other oils you can use, but I have this one for pain and when I use it, I feel so alert and energy just flows to me! Usually I am using it because i have ea headache so this effect totally blows me away. So I decided I can also use it when I feel sleepy. I keep a little spray bottle with a few drops of oil and water in it so I can get a refreshing boost any time!

Have Self Compassion

I do not recommend beating yourself up for what may or may not have caused your tired morning. Feeling shame or guilt about about staying up late or questioning your health if it was out of your control does not increase the energy you have to work with that day. Of course, long term we want to always be moving toward better quality sleep. bBut you deserve the same compassion and grace that you would give to a friend or even a child.

Know Your “Nos”

For me coffee is a definite no in the morning when I wake up tired. If I am going to drink coffee, I use it before a nap after lunch so I can wake up when the caffeine hits and make the most of it. You have to know what your own limits are, and create your own tools like my “coffee nap”.

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