Life Coaching Investment

Type of Plan

Investment (in USD)

One time coaching call, no commitment for future calls *

$100 for one hour

$55 for 30 minutes 

5 session coaching package
(10% discount)

$450 for one hour calls

$250 for 30 minute calls 

10 session coaching package 
(20% discount)

$800 for one hour calls

$440 for 30 minute calls

*I often offer a free 20 minute consultation call for us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.  Please sign up for that call below.


If you want someone to talk to but don’t want a coach, the active listening call is just that. I will listen to you talk without judgments or prejudice for 20 minutes.  There are no commitments and no pressure. 

clipboard says "love your life" which is what I hope I can help you do as your life coach.