Life Coaching Investment

Life coaching is an investment in yourself! It may not be easy to make this commitment to yourself due to your limiting beliefs about your own self-worth, money, or something else. That’s okay, it’s not supposed to be easy.

Life coaching is HARD and it is often MESSY. It’s likely to feel worse in the beginning before it gets better because we have to SEE what is going on under the surface before we can clean it up. It can be uncomfortable and our social conditioning may make us want to press it down, cover it up, and keep pretending that everything is alright. But if you are reading this far, you are past believing that pressing it down is working for you.

Life coaching is EXPENSIVE. This is partially because we often have to make a financial investment in order to fully commit. Think about the last FREE ebook you received in your inbox. How much of it did you actually read?

Now what if you had gone out of your way to pay top dollar for a book that you truly believed was going to change your life? How many pages of that do you think you would read? I’m guessing you would read it from cover to cover, highlight it, book mark it, and refer back to it over and over again. This is why paying for coaching is actually serving you.

There are no magic pills or guaranteed results. Many of us start out our journey looking outside of ourselves for a cure that will fix whatever it is we are experiencing. By the time we get to coaching, we have probably exhausted a lot of the external options and we are seeing that our answers are within ourselves. We may just need some help uncovering them.

That being said, the results depend on YOU and your commitment to doing the work. I will show up, offer you unconditional love, and a space free of judgments to do your deepest work. I have countless tools and frameworks to share with you to assist you on the journey but at the end of the day you are the only one that can pick up the tools and put them to use.

If you are still here and you are interested in learning more about becoming a one on one client, please send an email to me at