My New Year’s Revolution

Most New Year’s Resolutions I have made in the past have been about changing myself.  They could be changing my appearance, like losing weight or taking better care of my skin. Others have been about making more money or saving more money in the hopes of feeling a certain way.  Some have been about exercising more, doing more meditation, or reading more books. But this year I am going to try something different.

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What is it?

My resolution for this year is to accept myself exactly where I am in each moment and to live in those moments.  I am not going to dwell on my past, and I am not going to worry about my future.   I am going to love my body, regardless of size, health, or capability.  Don’t get me wrong, negative thoughts will still come to my mind, but I am going to make a conscious effort to put them to rest.

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How will I do that?

Instead of changing myself this year, I plan to get to know myself better.  I am going to spend time with myself, examine who I am, and who I want to be.  I’ll go down some paths I’ve been avoiding.  I’m going to ask myself tough questions, like what is stopping me from being my very best.  If I have goals that I am not moving toward, I want to know, “What is inside of me that is in my way?

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Accepting the past

I know that I have a history, and I cannot undo it.  My memories and my experiences have helped shape me into the individual that I am today. However, sometimes the results of life’s lessons are not the result I desire.  Sometimes those experiences create fear, disgust, or shame.  I cannot change those feelings, but I plan to alter how I react to them and to love myself more than ever before. All of this for one New Year’s Resolution.

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Instead of walking away from things I fear, I will face them.  Instead of turning my head away at things that disgust me, I plan to dig deeper and understand where that feeling is coming from, and how I can react appropriately.  When I feel shame, I’m not going to accept it at face value and wallow in it.  I will look beneath it, understand what created it, and rise above it.

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I am not broken

I am learning to see myself in a different light. Useless, broken, and damaged are not words that describe me.  I am a warrior, and I am healing and changing organically to be the greatest version of me.  Join me with my New Year’s Resolution no matter what day it is today! Challenge yourself to do the same and comment below on what difficulties you have, or what advice you have for me and others on this journey.

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