Harnessing the Power of Gratitude

Sometimes I find myself needing to take stock of what’s good in my life. It is way to easy to let negative thoughts rein, so in an effort to stay positive, and harness the power of gratitude here are 40 things I love and I am grateful for.

  1. Myself — I have recently learned that unless I am on the list of things I love then something is out of balance in my life. It is not selfish to love myself. Although I am still learning this one day at a time. 
  2. The sky — it’s everywhere, it’s so reliable, its always there to brighten my day or amaze me with its darkness. It’s easy to harness the power of gratitude when you are grateful for such basic things that are always available! 
  3. The sea — I love everything about the sea, the sand, the seashells, the waves, the palm trees, the smell of the salt, the sounds, swimming in it, snorkeling, its the most amazing thing to me.

    beach with blue sky, blue water, and a green island in the distance
    Langkawi, Malaysia
  4. Electricity — although often taken for granted, living in a country with frequent power cuts has taught me to be grateful for it on a regular basis.
  5. My passport — while I am not always “Proud to Be an American” I do recognize the privilege of having an American passport and try not to complain about my country too much.
  6. Food — cheese, wine, fresh fruit, chocolate, dill pickles, anything ranch, and goat cheese salad… I would list them separately but that felt like cheating.
  7. Frozen things — popsicles are my favorite but if you can’t find those, anything is more delicious frozen, I freeze coconut milk, bananas, yogurt, anything I can pretend is ice cream.
  8. Human connections — I love those moments when you meet someone and it feels like fate. It happens to me most when I’m traveling alone, on airplanes, in hostels, at a restaurant. Those people leave a lasting impression, even if you never meet again, even if they are 
  9. Live Music — I’m not a “music person” which drives people crazy when they ask me what I listen to and I’m like, eh. But live music always seems to enthrall me. I’ve never been to a big concert that I didn’t love, even if I hadn’t heard of the band before going. The energy is incredible.

    A woman smiling leaning her head on a woman having an emotional moment in a huge crowd at a live concert
    Vetusta Morla Concert in Torremolinos, Spain 2018
  10. Musicals — I also love going to theater and musicals because it amazes me how everything comes together so perfectly on stage. In a movie, I’m not impressed. They spent ages and used lots of retakes to get it right, but stage acting and especially musicals just blow me away.
  11. Stories — of all kinds, I devour them. They can easily remind me of the power of gratitude.
  12. Synchronicities — I don’t believe they are just coincidences.
  13. Energy — I love the way being energy-focused has changed my life. Using energy therapy, protecting my energy, and working to keep my energy high instead of my fatigue low is awesome.
  14. Authenticity — I love when people practice this and let their real colors show. I love when  because it is not easy!
  15. Meditation — these nuggets of peace make life worth living! I don’t know how I ever managed without meditation and mindfulness!
  16. Airplanes — it’s really incredible how far we can go and how those enormous things get off the ground. I continue to be amazed every time I fly.wing of an airplane on the ground at sunset
  17. Change — I love new experiences and that means embracing change and having moments of uncertainty.
  18. A good , pencil, marker — anything that makes pretty lines across paper really.
  19. Bright colors — on clothing, in nature, on walls, art, wherever, the brighter the better!
  20. Traditions and cultures — I’m fascinated by how they came about and the way they are practiced.
  21. Opportunities — the more you have the more likely you are to find a good one!  Better opportunities show up when you harness the power of gratitude!
  22. Travel — I can’t get enough, there are always more places to see e wherever I call home!
  23. Scissors and cutting things — the sound it makes is so satisfying. I love chopping hair.
  24. Fresh manicures and pedicures — I recently discovered I like how clean and smooth they are and they bring me joy for days or even weeks.
  25. Facials — touching my face or letting someone else touch it can be such a sensual or intimate experience.
  26. Seashells — I think of all the tiny creatures that lived in them and what their lives were like.
  27. Roadtrips — I love getting lost! Maybe in the moment, I’m not thrilled but afterward, I am grateful for the experience. Getting off the beaten path is my specialty since maps are not my forte.
  28. Lotus Flowers — I can’t get over how beautiful they are in real life! I have always loved the symbols but the real ones in large quantities take my breath away!
  29. Hot Air Balloons — they always inspire a sense of wanderlust in me.
  30. Being barefoot – especially on fresh grass, the beach, or smooth floors.
  31. Sexuality — and the wide range of experiences, sensations, and connections that can be made by experimenting with it.
  32. Sun and Rain — both are necessary and loving both means there is never bad weather (in Myanmar at least!)
  33. Sunset and sunrise — for the metaphorical meanings as well as the beautiful colors in the sky. Sharing memorable sunsets with people I love is one of my favorite things to do.pink streaks in a blue sky with orange along the horizon at sunset on a beach
  34. Positive Psychology and Energy therapy– I know they aren’t the same but I use them together and they both are incredibly helpful at keeping me out of dark spaces.  and the power of gratitude is so incredible!
  35. Playing with kids — its like permission to act like one, which sometimes I need although I wish I was more comfortable without it. Set me loose with some little ones and the kid in me escapes!
  36. Creating — anything, and when I’m not creating enough, I don’t feel like me.
  37. Wind in my hair  — whether I’m on a mountain top, a bicycle, in a car, or standing on the sidewalk I love a good breeze.
  38. Trees — I can’t get enough of interesting trees, super tall, or very short, palm trees, baobab trees, ficus, acacia, I love so many different types of trees.
  39. Lucid Dreaming  — traveling in my sleep is almost better than the real thing since I can literally do anything.
  40. Naps — my medicine of choice for treating . Napping is my superpower and I love it.

If you could also use a reminder of how many wonderful things are around you every day, create your own list and post a link so I can see what you love!

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