Why I Deleted Facebook and Instagram

Even though I used to feel like my business depended on them

Originally Posted on Medium Kayla Douglas Oct 18 · 3 min read

phone with facebook which is why I deleted facebook and Instagram
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“What happened?” Was the most asked question I got as I revealed to people time after time that I would be removing myself from Facebook and Instagram.

But nothing happened. Nobody was stalking me or threatening me, and I am not trying to make a political statement by boycotting, I’m sure no one misses me enough for that. So are you wondering the real reason why I deleted Facebook and Instagram?

It’s Not What you Think

Everyone wants to hear the tale of the last straw, the one that pushed me over the edge and honestly there is no tale to tell.

Facebook and Instagram used to be tools I felt I needed to meet people and to stay in touch with people I already knew. But lately, it wasn’t doing either of those things for me. Even if I could see what old contacts were up to, we were no longer connecting over Facebook. It felt like a bunch of individual bubbles where I could look out of my bubble and into yours, but we would never connect.

In fact, I couldn’t identify the benefits they were offering me at all. I was putting in considerable effort to plan consistent Instagram posts, with thought-provoking captions, and it used to feel like I was building a community.

But something has shifted over the past couple of years, and the community I thought I was building split off in different directions. Everything felt so polarized it was hard for me to maintain neutrality while using the apps.

Protecting My Energy

So much of my energy was draining out into these apps. It took energy to create content. And it also cost me energy to constantly bring myself back to neutral as I absorbed content from others. Filtering through what I believe to be my truth and what others believe to be theirs is a good thing to do, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t believe it was healthy for me in the doses I was taking it at.

When I wasn’t online, I felt I should be doing more. And when I was online, I felt I needed to get off and keep some energy for other things I love to do.

I had created a lose-lose scenario, and instead of trying to balance out the teeter-totter, I got off. So that is the big secret of why I deleted Facebook and Instagram.

What now?

People ask me how I am ever going to find clients for my life coaching business now that I have removed myself from Facebook and Instagram. But I am filling up the time that I used to spend creating content and scrolling, with meeting people. I schedule Zoom calls, or in-person meet-ups whenever I can to connect with real people in real life.

Not all of those calls will lead to future clients, and that is okay with me! I still find it valuable to make connecting with people a part of my day instead of just watching what they are up to from afar.

I love having discussions with people who have different viewpoints from my own. I find conversations a much more engaging way to see another person’s point of view than just reading their posts.

If you would like to have a real discussion with a real human about something going on in your life, let me know! I would love to meet you.

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