Have you tried L-CM for Narcolepsy?

Perhaps you have heard from another PWN about using L-CM for Narcolepsy. If you are not on Facebook, you may have had trouble finding the information you desire about this alternative treatment. L-CM stands for L-Citrulline Malate.

Luckily, the inspiring man that came up with this simple and unique intervention has started his own YouTube channel to share the information far and wide!

While I am not the expert on the subject, I have tried L-CM for Narcolepsy. I will share with you what I experienced.

LC-M for narcolepsy packaging showing the nutrition information
Image by Brian Remmerde

Medical Disclaimer

Of course before starting a supplement, its always important to discuss the implications with your doctor. Everyone’s health situation is unique, and you need to confirm if any of your medications or health conditions might have contraindications.

In my case, I do not take any medication for narcolepsy. I also haven’t seen a doctor in a number of years, so I did extensive research before buying this supplement. I’m quite satisfied with my quality of wakefulness, but I was drawn to the comments in the Facebook group about L-CM decreasing the number of headaches experienced by other PWNs. I also just really appreciate Brian Remmerde, and wanted to try out this remedy he has been recommending for years.

Using L-CM for Narcolepsy

When I started it, I was skeptical that it could do much for me since I already have a great quality of life. I follow a mostly ketogenic or low carb diet that really increases my energy levels. I’ve also done tons of mindset work, emotional work, and energy therapy. But at that point in time, I was feeling the urge to branch out to eat more carbohydrates. So I bought a huge bag of L-CM from Amazon, and dove in.

From my understanding, L-CM is meant to clear out ammonia and lactic acid from your system. It’s marketed as a fitness supplement. It isn’t a stimulant and isn’t going to give a jolt of energy, just more steady energy due to a lower level of toxins in the system.

I also heard it takes different people different lengths of time to feel the effects depending on how you take it. I took it on an empty stomach without caffeine, and after a few days, I could feel the difference.

Usually, adding carbs into my day was a recipe for disaster, and I would crash just 20 minutes after. But, I found when I took L-CM, eating additional carbohydrates did not affect my wakefulness. I began to use it as a carbohydrate detox, and I did really enjoy the flexibility it allowed me.

Many people got much more dramatic results than I did, so check out the Facebook group and the testimonials to hear more radical transformations. There are 1,400 members in the group that was created in 2016, so there is definitely some good stuff happening in there!

Woman with lots of energy on a beach
Image by Harmony Lawrence from Pixabay

Why Don’t I Use L-CM for Narcolepsy Anymore?

The main reason I no longer take L-CM for narcolepsy is that I live in Myanmar, where Amazon shopping is not a thing. We don’t have great access to supplements, and when I travel, the space in my suitcase is limited. Since I only visit the US every couple of years, I would really have to stock up. But I still think L-CM is a great supplement to experiment with if you have the ability.

Where can I learn more about L-CM?

You can check out the Facebook group, L-CM and the Amino Acid Project for PWNCF. There is a ton of information in the files section, and it’s not just for Narcolepsy! The description says, “L-Citrulline Malate for PWN, in the treatment of narcolepsy, cataplexy, fibromyalgia, hypersomnia and associated diseases. We have expanded the group to cover other amino acids, supplements and for people with fibromyalgia who aren’t especially looking at amino acids to treat it, there really is no other fibromyalgia group for pwn so we’re now handling pwncf!”

You can also watch Brian Remmerde’s growing YouTube channel called Narcolepsy Cataplexy Information. He will be adding more information in the coming weeks about additional supplements that help narcolepsy and the additional autoimmune diagnoses he has.

Feel free to reach out in the comments here if you have any questions! Each time we try something new to alleviate our narcolepsy symptoms we are one step closer to finding the combination that works!

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