Healthcare in Auxiliar Program Spain

In 2014 I applied for the Ministries of Spain Auxiliares program on a whim. I was also considering teaching in Asia for programs like EPIK and HESS. I had promised myself I was going wherever I got an offer first because I had to get out of the USA. The day the email came telling me I had a position in Spain I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be living in Ibiza!

Everything happened pretty quickly since I got my carta mid-summer. I had to quit my full-time job, sell all my furniture, get the Spanish student visa in Chicago, and physically move to Spain! But of course, there were some worries. I had no idea what healthcare in Spain would be like. As a person with Narcolepsy, I knew what I needed but I had no idea what would actually be available to me. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

Prepare before leaving for Spain

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Low Carb Snacks On the Go

We all know we work hard to maintain our keto lifestyles while we are at home. So why not continue that habit when we travel? Sure it takes a little extra effort, but we do keto for the amazing health benefits, and we want to feel good and enjoy the trip whether it’s for work or pleasure. So here are some quick and dirty tips for keto travel if you are feeling uninspired! Remember not everyone has the same restrictions or macro goals so check the label before you pack!

Low carb road trip snacks
Low carb road trip snacks with a cooler
Keto airplane snacks
Low carb non refrigerated snacks
Low carb snacks to buy at the grocery store
Low carb snacks that require preparation
Keto product recommendations
Keto travel tips

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Myanmar Visa Application

pagodas in Bagan with green landscape


If you are planning to visit Myanmar, it is likely you will need a tourist visa, or Myanmar Social Visa in order to enter the country. Don’t get confused by the conflicting information on the internet about this issue. If you are entering the country, you likely need to apply for a visa before you arrive no matter how short your stay. Although technically they will stamp the visa in your passport at immigration when you arrive, this eVisa processing is required before entering the country. Please do not ignore this as you can be denied entry and required to fly back to wherever you came from.

Myanmar Visa from an Embassy

You can apply for a Myanmar visa in person at an embassy, but since there are not a lot of embassy options, you may prefer to use the online option.

Myanmar eVisa

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5 Things You Can Do NOW to Manage Narcolepsy

Can Narcolepsy be cured?

Of course we know at this point, that is not possible.  But there are so many different narcolepsy treatments available, we don’t have to give up.  Everyone has to find the narcolepsy treatment options that work for them! Some people choose to treat narcolepsy naturally.  There are so many ways for us to mitigate our symptoms without taking narcolepsy medication. We want to beat the brain fog, fight fatigue, and take back control over how we feel.  This list is about short-term goals!  Try one or more of them NOW!

Learn what works for you!

Any and all tips or advice I offer are things that work for SOME people. We all have to pick and choose what is good for us and create our own recipe for success!

Be willing to change. It may be a change in mindset or a change in diet but there are changes you can make that will help you feel better. Do it for yourself!

Please don’t give up! There is a never-ending source of information about non traditional remedies for narcolepsy at your fingertips. Use it and the community to search endlessly for ways to feel better!

  1. Master proper sleep hygiene. This is important for human beings in general but it is even more important for people with narcolepsy.  These tips can help reduce some of the excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy.  Maybe it is not the same for everyone but these are the key points I see resonating in the narcolepsy community:
    1. Try to establish a formal sleep schedule, shoot for the same number of hours of sleep each night and try to go to bed and get up at the same time
    2. Use your bed only for sleep and get up after your alarm goes off in the morning
    3. Don’t use stimulants like caffeine or electronics with bright lights like TV or your cell phone before bed
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Keto Bread!

Day 3 of Intermittent Fasting and although I can’t say I have any additional mental clarity it does seem to make the mornings easier. I don’t feel pressured to cook breakfast and of course there is no clean up then either. Cooking tired is always a drag anyway and generally I am unimaginative and eat fried eggs over and over again.IMG_20180425_133303

I have to say I’m feeling pretty excited about my discovery yesterday! I have done some quick googling but it doesn’t seem like this is one of those commonly known keto things that I have just been missing out on. It is the easiest, quickest to make “keto bread” I have ever had.  It is gluten free, and can also easily be made dairy free! I loved it! I’m interested to hear others’ opinions. Continue reading “Keto Bread!”

Day 1 of Intermittent Fasting

I’ve seen the term a million times but I always tell myself I am doing well enough with what I have, there is no need to make it more complicated.  I enjoy my early morning coffees and snacks throughout the day that fit my ketogenic diet. But lately I’ve been lacking mental clarity and I’m ready to try something new. The first thing I found was a resource about L-Citrulline Malate, which sounds very promising. But I don’t think I will find it anywhere in the near future, although I’ll keep an eye out here in Yangon, Myanmar.  Then I started looking into fasting, which seems very travel-friendly. I gave myself the weekend to wrap my head around it an decided I would dive in on Monday.

Today is my first day. I have decided to start with the 16/8 method that I learned about here. In my case, I only plan to eat between 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Here were my first questions and the answers I have found.

  • Can I still have my coffee in the morning?

Yes! Better without cream or sugar (obviously) but with less than 50 calories, the body should not recognize the fast has been broken so a tiny bit of cream and sweetener is ok.

  • Can I eat whenever I want during that 8-hour window?

Yes, but don’t overcompensate and eat more than you normally would in a day. I am going back to tracking my food intake on MyFitnessPal to avoid that issue.

  • Do I still eat the same number of calories?

Yes, but since you are eating in a shorter time frame it’s easier to reduce the number of calories you are eating to be in a deficit if you want to lose weight. If you want to maintain or gain you need the same amount of calories as when you are not fasting so your meals will look big.

It doesn’t seem like this will be too big of a lifestyle change for me since I am pretty lazy about cooking anyway. I generally go for a late brunch instead of cooking both breakfast and lunch and 99% of the time that meal is egg based.  So all I have to do is cut out any random snacking outside my meal window and reduce the calories in my morning coffee!




Hidden Carbs and Hiding

This morning I was watching a little lizard climb up a brown dried up palm leaf.  When it was almost to the top, it lost its grip and went tumbling back down. The moment its feet were back under it, its little head flicked from side to side, as if to look and see if anyone had witnessed its fall.

I think I have been doing the same.  I am so hesitant to let anyone see that I am struggling. I just have been feeling like hiding. After my breakthrough, I always hear myself boasting at how well I am doing. I use statements like, “Yeah, I have narcolepsy but I totally have it under control.”  I realize this is awesome compared to where I used to be, always using it as my excuse. “Well, I can’t do that. I have narcolepsy. Oh I failed at that because I’m narcoleptic.”

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