I Am Enough, And So Are You

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Reminding myself that I am enough is a lifelong process. I write it on my mirror, put it on the background of my phone, and set reminders to keep reinforcing this belief.

Recently I even wrote a poem about it on a day when I was having doubts. If you need help remembering that you are enough, keep repeating it. The brain needs repetition. Say it in the mirror, create mantras to repeat when you are struggling. Write your own poem. Here is my poetic reminder to you that you are enough.

I am enough

I am enough
even on the days when exhaustion keeps me in bed until noon
and I don’t have the energy to take a shower

I am enough
with a migraine raging fury in my brain

I am enough
when I need help
even if I don’t ask for it
and especially when my symptoms make it difficult to communicate

I am enough
despite being irritable

I am enough
when it feels like my body is betraying me
and no one understands
how much it takes to maintain my presence inside it

I am enough
when I have to cancel plans to take care of myself
and I miss birthdays, weddings, and holidays

I am enough
even when desperation makes me long for death
and dreaming of it is my only escape

I am enough
even when I say that I am not
when I insist that I’m a failure
scream that I’m not worthy
cry that I can’t ever compare
and mourn what I could have been

I am still enough.
And so are you.

Originally Published on Medium January 18, 2020

Have you ever written your own affirmations or poetry to remind yourself that you are enough? I would love to see it! Share a link below so we can all be inspired by different perspectives and affirmations!

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