Thoughts About Death and Life on Earth

On the Day of the Dead

I want to share my thoughts about death for those that may be sad when I am dead. I likely won’t have a chance to share a message when it’s my time to go, and as that can come at any minute, the day of the dead seemed as good a day as any to share my personal thoughts about death.

To those who may be sad when I am dead, Don’t be.

There is no such thing as death.

Hear me out- 

What is death?

If you know me at all, you know I didn’t like the whole go into a church, kneel and stand, sit and kneel routine. 
Organized religion wasn’t for me after a point, but I am a spiritual being. 

On my journey to being myself, I discovered that I believe in a source of energy; an energy body that is out there creating worlds. 

And what a lot of humans call death is simply a returning to that energy body.  So when I am what you call dead, relax, and celebrate because I’ve gone home! I’ve reached my goal.

I’m not suicidal and I’m not trying to die.  But I have learned not to live in fear, and not resist my returning to source. I believe I chose to come here for a certain purpose, a mission of sorts, and once I accomplish that mission, I will leave once again.

What is life?

When I’m enjoying the experience of being inside my physical body, I know that there is both pleasure and pain here. There are both good and bad.  But once I let go of this physical existence, there will only be pleasure. I won’t have any resistance to the energy, there will be no friction and so I will not have any experience that is unpleasant.

Life on Earth is a choice I made. It was a decision to volunteer and come to this dense and confusing planet. I have no regrets about that choice.
So if you are mourning, stop there.  Know that once my body is gone I can still be around you, energetically. You can interpret what that means to you.  

Don’t mourn my life! It was a celebration. Sure it took me nearly 20 years to figure my shit out, but I did figure it out. I lived more than some people do in 90 years.  I experience love and adventure, peace and exploration! 

I’ve dreamed more dreams than most can imagine. 

When I wanted something, I didn’t hold back saying I was too scared. I went for it.  

I found meaning in illness, and I gave back what I could. 

My last thoughts about death

Image from Santa Eulalia Ibiza on Day of the Dead 2014

So don’t mourn the death of my physical body. Know that I had a lovely life experience. And I will continue to experience life in a different realm or dimension or whatever you want to call it. 

I don’t care what you do in regards to a funeral or ceremony, that part is for you. I will be fine with any of it. But please do something responsible with my remains. Donate them or compost them or whatever makes sense in the situation at hand.

Even when life on earth is over, the journey continues. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about death. Share in the comments below if this resonates or if you think I am completely crazy.

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